An Introduction to Exocommerce


Recently, there has been a huge movement known as 'exo-politics'.  Some of the leaders in that arena have been Steven Bassett, Dr. Steven Greer (see his movie Sirius), and notably Dr. Alfred Webre who has actually offered a course in Exo-Politics along with a certificate of completion.

Exo-politics has to do with pressuring the various governments to 'disclose' the presence of Extra Terrestrials and the ongoing interaction of those governments with those ETs.  And there are many and some very serious reasons to pressure this disclosure.

Are there aliens among us?  After the thousands upon thousands of reports by reliable men and women, and after the thousands of sightings that we see on Youtube monthly, no reasonable man or woman would dispute there is something, perhaps a bit unexplainable, but none the less real.

It is the purpose of this short presentation to expose the concept of what I refer to as Exo-Commerce or in other words, what commercial interaction might go on between earth people and 'visitors' from the far reaches of space.  Will they actually do commerce with us, or will we have to learn to do commerce as it exists in other places across the universe, or as some say, the 'multi-verse'.

Or is this something which ought to be considered at all?  Well, for what it is worth, let me give some of my own experiences in this regard.

First, I will relate a story told by my father's aunt which occurred around the early 1900s.  Aunt Lizzie, as she was known, was a farmer's wife who lived in the hills of eastern Kentucky.  Although there was 'civilization' around, perhaps in some of the big cities such as Lexington and Louisville, Bath County, Kentucky, where she lived was basically a remote area.  Aunt Lizzie was a 'god fearing' woman, religious and spiritual.  On an occasion one of her little sons became ill, and regardless of her faith and all that could be done for the child, she at last feared for his recovery and despaired for his life.  So, she undertook to pray and fast for his recovery.  She had prayed and fasted for 3 days when as she was sitting on her porch, two young men came to the house and asked if she had a sick child and whether she would like them to come and deliver a blessing to him.  She readily agreed to their proposal, and so these two young men went in and gave a blessing to the sick child.  And then they turned and left.  After seeing to the child she went to thank them for their effort, but found that they had just 'disappeared'.  She went around the house and could not see them, realizing that in the short interval between leaving the house and her going out to search for them; they could not have gotten so far that she could not see them.  Her husband and father were working in a nearby field and she went and asked them if they had seen which way the 'strangers' had gone.  But neither of them had even seen them come and go.

Now, Aunt Lizzie, a 'believer' could only conclude that these two young men were 'angels' sent from God.  And that is how we would interpret that from a religious perspective.

But let's look at this experience using different words and concepts.  First, Aunt Lizzie had been asking God for an intervention.  Suddenly two young men show up at her door and go in and administer to the child.  After that, she went to find them to thank them for their kindness, but could not find them.  They had vanished in an abnormal fashion.

I think that we could conclude that these two young men, whether you want to use the term 'angels' or ETs, were not of the normal people that we typically interact with in this dimension, certainly different from the typical eastern Kentucky hillbillies.

Perhaps if there were a newspaper headline, it might read ... ETs Visit Aunt Lizzie.

Now this is not your typical ET story.  This is a bit different than the typical 'close encounter' that we hear so much about in today's world and news, but was this a true example of intervention on this planet by entities from 'other worlds'?  The answer is obviously "yes".   In this instance we are just using words that are found in a way of describing events, whereas in another arena we might use other words to describe this event.

And in other cultures we have these same sorts of reports of ETs - in Native American cultures where other world visitors come, perhaps as a result of a dance or other efforts to draw entities into an interaction with people here in the 3rd dimension.

So, we have an ongoing relationship with entities from perhaps other planets or even other dimensions all through our history and in all cultures.

The real question we need to ask ourselves is:  how do we interact with these others?  If we treat the visitors like we typically treat our neighbors or even as we treat our friends across the planet, will that form of interaction serve the purposes of all concerned?

What would have happened, for instance, if Aunt Lizzie had of been suspicious of these two young men.  What if she had turned them away because of some inherent distrust of strangers?  What would have been the result?  Would the child have recovered?  Well, that is just a 'what if' question which cannot be answered and we can only guess at the answer.  But key here with Aunt Lizzie was that she was asking for intervention on the behalf of the child in 'faith', and her request had been satisfied.

Now let's address the concept of mankind.  It is obvious that our physical body came from the earth.  The scripture indicates:  “from dust thou art, and to dust shalt thou return.”  This is pretty much a given.

But what is not so obvious is the energizing element which causes the body to get up and move about.  Some call this energizing 'thing' a spirit or a soul.  Did this soul come from the 'dust' of this earth?  It seems obvious to me, that such is not the case.

And if this soul did not come from this planet we call earth, where did it come from?  And by definition would we not conclude that this 'soul' is an ET?  I think yes.  So, where did it come from?  Are there others like it out there in the universe somewhere?  How was it created?  Who or what is the Creator of that?

Well, we don't have all of the answers for that, but it appears that we have a few.

So, the direction of what I have coined as Exo-Commerce is how do we relate to that concept?

If we have entities, perhaps some of which look like us, maybe some not so much like us, that might suddenly land a space ship on our front lawn ... what do you do?  Do you run for the shot gun or do you brew up a fresh pot of coffee?

Unfortunately, many would assume the posture of the ostrich with its head stuck in the sand.  But is there a better way to address the situation?

The position of Exo-Commerce is that we can be prepared to have a useful and meaningful interchange or what we call commerce with 'visitors' should they suddenly appear.

Let me relate some of the experiences that I have had in my life or things which others have reliably reported to me.

My first memory of a UFO was when I was 17.  It was a typical 'flying saucer' that so many have reported seeing.  Who was on it ... was it a manned craft?  I don't know about that, because it didn't land and no one got out.  But it was very real and very plain ... in broad daylight.

Probably about 10 or 11 years ago I made the acquaintance of a man who as it turns out is a Pleiadian.  Now he is not a Pleiadian soul who has incarnated in a typical earth body, but he told me that his 'family' has been on the planet for 13 generations.  I don't know the time span for these 13 generations as this man is actually 119 years old.  Nor can I verify that his family is actually from the Pleiades, but it is obvious that he is not the typical earth man.  He told me that his 'people' usually live to be about 150 - 175 years old, which means that even though he is 119 and I am only 65, that he will no doubt outlive me unless something happens.

Another trusted friend of mine revealed that he was visited in 2009 by three Pleiadians right in his front room in broad daylight, one of whom revealed that he was the father that had brought my friend onto this planet in the very first colonization.  How many incarnations this friend has gone through over how long of a time span I can't say, but these visitors did open up many things which are of great interest.

Another of my friends, an ex-CIA type, told me of going to Peru to interact with the Pleiadians who land there on a continual basis.  The one lady who had come spends much time with the native people there assisting in education and healing, etc., among those people ... sort of a mission of mercy.  I asked him how he was able to locate these people, and he said that the natives had erected a big sign which simply read:  Place where the space ships land.

Another acquaintance, a native of the northern Utes in northern Utah told me about little men who roam around on flying discs gathering radio-active materials in the mountains there.  I asked him if he ever talked to them, and he said yes, that they would converse in typical English.  He said there were huge steel doors about 30 feet high which would open and close allowing these flying discs to come and go.  I asked him if he had ever gone through these doors, and he said yes.  He said that it seemed like that it was a tunnel that was sort of like steps or levels that went down into the earth.  He said he hadn't gone down very far out of fear.

Another friend told me about a 'visitor' who came into her home from inside the Hollow Earth.  Apparently he was very tall, but luckily the house she lives in has 10 foot high ceilings.  I asked her if he was 'physical' and did she actually touch him.  She said yes, and that he had told her that he was sent to be her guardian.

And I have spoken to a man who was born inside the Hollow Earth and was brought to the surface for various reasons and missions.

And I could go on and on.  I could relate my conversation with a man who, much like Admiral Byrd actually flew in an airplane through the northern opening into the Hollow Earth and came back out.

*Now is it possible that some of the visitors who come here are not friendly?  The answer to that is yes, and you can go on the internet to read about that, but apparently that problem is being slowly but surely dealt with by those of our 'friends'.  I would suggest listening to Steven Bassett, Dr. Greer, and Dr. Webre and an incarnated Pleiadian who goes by the acronym of COBRA on Youtube to learn about some of the negative effects of some of these malevolent visitors and how they came to have these negative effects on the people on Planet Earth.  Since they have addressed these subjects extensively, I see no reason for me to review those things.

So, with all of that in mind, doesn't it make sense to start to think about how we will interact should we have the occasion to meet up with some of these other folks from places outside of our normal interaction with people who are already on this earth?  I would say, yes, it makes perfect sense.

What kind of cultures do these visitors come from?  It seems obvious that they are more technically advanced than most of us here presently are.

But what of their morals, the philosophies, and the way that they interact with those of their home world and how do they interact with the people or entities which they encounter as they travel about the universe?

Even though we are rapidly becoming more and more enlightened on this planet, we have a very ugly past.  History records all the wars and most atrocious things which have happened here.  It makes one wonder why we would even be in a position to entertain people from faraway places.

But it is evident from the few incidents that I have related and the many thousands more which could be cited, that we have had many visitors here from beyond the confines of Earth, and the incidents of visitation is on a rapid increase.  So, what do we do to prepare to have a Sirian or an Agarthan over for Sunday dinner?  Or like my Aunt Lizzie, how do we receive an offer of assistance from two young men who seem to appear out of nowhere and then return to nowhere?  Who are you going to call ... Ghost Busters?  Or should you rely on your own innate common sense?

Well, let's take a short journey back into some reports of our past or perhaps our beginnings on this planet, at least from one point of view.  Let's review the Garden of Eden story.  Now whether it is an allegory or a bone fide firsthand report is not the point for this review, but I want to make some observations about how man relates to living here on this planet.

First, it appears that the man known as Adam and the woman known as Eve lived in a tropical paradise.  It had to be a tropical environment as they had no use for clothes.  And it appears that they could just go and get whatever they needed for food, as it was abundant all around.  And did they need shelter?  Well, I guess if they needed to sleep, they could just lay in the shade of a tree.

So, here we have a circumstance where the three necessities for life of people on this planet, namely food, clothing, and shelter, were immediately satisfied in their immediate environment.

Now, what if we were in the same circumstance not needing to worry about food, clothing, and shelter ... what would we have that we presently don't have?  The answer is:  free time!

Ah, free time ... what a concept.

But alas, free time has certain implications that ought to be considered.  Being an observer of people and being an amateur sociologist, I have made an observation about people and free time.  It is not the free time itself which creates a problem, but it is what people do with free time that sometimes leads to problems.  The old timers came up with a saying:  idle hands are the devil's workshop.  Oops.  So, what would happen to us if we had as much free time as Adam and Eve had at first?  Would we make good on that situation or would we get kicked out of Eden?

My observation is that one can measure a societies morality based on the amount of free time that they have.  It seems like the old saying is applicable ... idle hands are the devil's workshop.  When people are in a life and death struggle to maintain their lives and have just barely enough free time for sleep, that doesn't seem to be a lot of trouble.  That is not to say that their level of consciousness or spirituality is high or low, but there doesn't seem to be too many quarrels between neighbors when it is obvious that all must work together or perish.

The question then for some down to earth introspection is:  if you had an increase in free time, what would you do with it?  Would you jump on your dirt bike and take off for the hills.  Would you sleep more than is necessary?  Would you idle away your time?

Or would you take time to study.  Would you spend more time in prayer and meditation?  Would you get around to visiting that sick friend?  Would you check in on the widow down the street to see if everything needed was tended to?

My observation is that if you are not already doing these things, that given unlimited free time, you would not magically change your habits.  So, we generally need to consider what we are doing right now ... what is our direction.  We need to have our moral compass already set in the right direction with the possibility that we might have more free time coming up than we can successfully deal with.

What if the ETs brought what is called 'free energy' devices?  What if the ETs brought food replicators?  What if the Earth moved in such a way that the continents shifted so that all of the land was in a tropical environment?  What would you do if you had the chance to live in Eden?

These are serious considerations and things to be addressed by Exo-Commerce.

Much has been said and postulated leading up to December 21, 2012 and much has been said since about the concept of 'ascension' and 'enlightenment' opportunities for the people on planet Earth.  Are those things being made available to people here.  I can assure you that the answer is yes, it is obvious to me.  Is it obvious to you?  Maybe it is, and maybe not ... depends on you.

I have demonstrated by a few illustrations taken from my own experience that there are 'others' already here in full operation.  Are there more to come?  You can be assured that there are.

But the real question we all have to ask ourselves is whether or not we are individually prepared to fully receive what is and will be offered.

If you have been keeping up on the 'real' news which you can find on the internet, not the major media, you should surely realize that we on the planet are in a major upheaval.  The dark cabals are slowly but surely being done away with.  The financial matrix on the planet is being fixed.  The justice system all over the planet is under sequester as it is being bit by bit corrected.

Why is this happening?  Could it be that we are preparing for a major shift on this planet?  Are we preparing for visitors from a higher realm, whether you call them ETs or angels, to come among us and impart a system that is the norm where they come from?

I have been entertained for some years by a movie called Field of Dreams.  And in one scene, one of the phantom baseball players asks the character played by Kevin Costner ... is this Heaven?  The character played by Costner replies, no, this is Iowa.  But those who have seen the movies will recall, there is an underlying whisper ... if you built it he/they will come.

Now, isn't that the situation we find ourselves in?  Perhaps the question begs ... if we build 'it', will they come.  Finally, at least in the movie, Costner's character was satisfied, because he/they did come.  In our own situation, what will we have to build so that they will come?  Perhaps we need to build more than just a baseball field, but let's consider the bigger theme presented as a "field of dreams", and take it out of the dream state into a state of reality. So, what do we have to build?

I started lecturing under the title of Solutions in Commerce back in 2004.  Had I been an educator before that?  Yes, I have been teaching as much light and knowledge as I was able for most of my adult life.  But since 2004 I have been centering on commercial solutions to the problems that are perceived to be the most debilitating to people.  I have undertaken to expose some of the things which have hampered the people from exercising their right to free will.  This planet was designed as a place for free will for the people here, but has been under attack on that subject on a continuous basis.

I am perhaps an 'out of the box' thinker, and I sometimes see things a bit differently than others.  And like Agent Gibbs on NCIS, I don't believe in coincidences.  If something happens, it is because someone or something made it happen.

Over the years as SIC or as it now is WSSIC, I have tried to present as much history about commerce which I thought would be valuable to a proper understanding with an eye toward liberating people so that they could have access to the universal law of free will.

We have covered a wide range of subjects from AFV, to understanding money, to working in the court system, or to just good ol' basic love your neighbor concepts.  We have been at this for almost 8 years now.  As an aside, for all of you numerologists, what does the number 8 signify?  To me, it signifies completion and the start of something anew.  So, this is why I have been inspired to take up this new field of Exo-Commerce.

If you have not been sleeping or day dreaming at the seminars and webinars, but have taken what has been given and internalized it ... simply you are 'ascending'.

I had once done a 2 day workshop some years back.  We had a good attendance and a good audience participation.  As I was being driven to the airport to return home, my driver received a cell phone call which he put on speaker so that I could hear.  The caller said:  I got it.  I asked:  What did you get?  The caller said:  You were giving us a spiritual message.  I said:  Yes, you got it.

And many have reported to me that having attended a seminar and then perhaps listening to the seminar DVDs that we produce after an event, that they get more the second time than the first.  And even as they listen again, they understand more yet.

This is because I am teaching at a 4th dimensional level.  If you are a 3rd dimensional thinker, you will hear it at that level, but as you assimilate the information that I give, you start the ascension process and move up and up in your understanding.  This is not some sort of 'ego' issue with me, but I have found it to be the case.
A lady once sent an email to the office complaining that Winston was not telling everything he knows.  My response was that I was telling some of what I did know, but yes, I wasn't telling everything that I know.  I don't think people would have the time to listen to me tell everything that I know, and would probably end up concluding that I am insane or loony.  But as the adage goes:  when the student is ready, the teacher will appear.  I have found this to be the case with myself.  I am first and foremost a student, and in my capacity as WSSIC, I am sort of like a 'student teacher' like we had when we were in the school system, or maybe like a teaching assistant.

I consider a man named Roger Elvick to be one of my 'teachers'.  Roger was gracious enough to come to one of our seminars and to speak for a while to the audience.  I would suppose that I understood 75% of what he said, but I estimated that many of those who listened might not have gotten that much.  So, this demonstrates that we are all on an educational journey.  To some I am a teacher, but in relation to others I am a student.  This is called ascension or progression.

Now what happens if we had the opportunity to interview someone from the Pleiades or Sirius or Andromeda?  Could we come away from that conversation with something which we could put into action for our benefit?  That is a question that we ought to take a close look at.

I will point out, but not to be critical, that if you can't carry on a realistic conversation with Winston about the topics we go into in our educational opportunities, that you might have a hard time having a conversation with an ET or an inter-dimensional entity such as an Ascended Master.  Let me give a hint:  look in your New Testament of the Bible and look at all the ways that people addressed their comments as they talked to the man known as Jesus.  Some called him the Son of David, some called him the Son of God, and some addressed him as "Master".  Why do you think they called him Master?  Know also that when Jesus taught, his words fell upon many categories of people.  Sometimes he was speaking to the masses, sometimes to his disciples, and sometime he spoke privately to the Apostles.  Did Jesus tell everyone everything that he knew?  It doesn't appear so.  It seems he taught line upon line, precept upon precept.  And as people moved along, line upon line, more and more was given.  Are we any better than them?

Now let's consider the impact that our efforts have made on the commercial situation on the planet and what the prospects are in the realm of Exo-Commerce.

From time to time some have commented that after all that they have done, that nothing seems to be working.  I have compared this to the idea of taking one swing with an axe against an oak tree.  It just isn’t going to fall down with just one swing or perhaps even many swings.  We have to keep working at it until the job is done.

Let's take AFV as an example and see if our efforts with that technology have had an impact.  And let's look at it from two points of view: our own point of view and then also the perspective of the 'system'.

As we have pointed out when a presentment is made of a negotiable instrument, the only available remedy that we have is to 'accept' it.  This is consistent with how the system works in our financial situation due to the countries on the planet operating from a bankruptcy position.  In our situation here in the US, we find the corporate US operating a Chapter 11 reorganization bankruptcy from the position as 'debtor in possession' which means that it functions in that bankruptcy as the trustee.  Many people who don't understand how bankruptcy works don't realize that the purpose of a bankruptcy is for the 'debtor' to discover the assets of the creditor.  So, in essence, the US as debtor in possession is in the position to discover the assets of the creditor of the US, which are the real people in the country.  Once those assets are discovered, the debtor in possession goes about to relieve the creditors of their assets using the concepts of 'honor' and 'dishonor' covered under the Uniform Commercial Code.

Now when we do an AFV and RFV or return for settlement and closure, we are only protecting our assets from seizure by the debtor in possession due to us being 'delinquent creditors'.  Remember that the US Corporation is the same as or joined at the hip, so to speak, with every other corporate entity.  All other corporations are simply 'baby' corporations of the 'momma' corporation known as the US, Inc.  And the 'momma' along with the 'babies' are hungry for the assets of the real people.  And they keep getting hungrier all the time as the statistics show that 50% of the available work force is employed by the federal, state, and local governments.  Looking to the future, that statistic if it continues to climb will end up in disaster, or perhaps already has ended that way.

An important concept to understand is that any debt to be a valid debt must have a redemption.  When we do an AFV of a presentment and we return it for settlement and closure, we use our exemption as a pass through back Treasury Direct to the ultimate surety, the Global Debt Facility.  This is the correct method that has been established.  But ...

Let's take a look at the concept of AFV fostered by the US, Inc., and all the baby Inc.s.  The US, Inc., is not passing the debt back to the surety/Global Debt Facility, but is holding the debt themselves.  Remember that we do commerce with a debt currency.  The currency itself is a debt/liability, but it does have a redemption if passed back Treasury Direct.  But since 'momma' Inc. and all the 'baby' Incs. are holding that currency and not redeeming it Treasury Direct, there is a huge build up of debt energy which is not redeemed.  How much of this negative energy can momma and babies carry without imploding?  Well, the answer to that is perhaps they have already imploded.  With the demise of the Federal Reserve Banking System, we have the first indications of that implosion ... the system is crumbling in on top of itself.

That is why I have continued to suggest to people to keep accepting and accepting every presentment which comes to them.  Regardless whether or not you have to suffer with further attacks for failure of the Incs. to adjust the accounts, still keep accepting, knowing at some point that with the buildup of unredeemed debt, that the system has to implode.

My observation is that as AFV has become more wide known and practiced, that we have had a major impact on the fanatical system of intentional theft by momma and babies.  It should be obvious to any observer, that the system could not carry that much debt energy without destroying itself.

And those unresolved accounts are holding massive amounts of fugitive tax funds.  Every financial transaction is just that ... a transaction, meaning that consideration is passed in one direction only.  With the system dishonoring our AFV, there is the flow of negative unredeemable energy into that system with the resultant melt down that is occurring at a more rapid rate each day.  And momma and babies are failing to pay the transfer taxes on those accounts.  Oops ... how long can that go on?

So, unlike the young David who was able to fell the mighty Goliath with just one well placed stone, we have pelted the juggernaut with literally thousands and perhaps millions of 'stones' with the results that we now see all around us.

So, who says AFV doesn't work?

As the ashes are swept up from a failing system of commerce and finances, have we not cleared a spot so that the ETs have a safe landing spot on our earth.  I would venture to say that we have.

You see, the people from other planetary systems do not operate as we do here.  There are no banks, there is no money, there is no greed.  They have all that they need to supply the just needs and wants of the people on their planets, and they have employed the system suggested by the Master, and have all things common.

The doctrine in the Bible states that:  the earth is full and there is plenty for all.  Oops, what happened that we do not practice that?   Will the ETs who come here be able to help a population which is so steeped in greed and selfishness that we have beggars on the streets, debtor prisons, and those who live extravagantly to the demise of others?  I think not.

And we could go further with many of the technologies that we have employed as taught over the years via WSSIC and many other teachers.  What impact would you imagine that such things as appointment of fiduciary, subpoena duces tecum, UCC-1 Financing Statements, Security Agreements, Commercial Liens, and the like have had on the implosion of momma corporation and the babies?  A close analysis of those items would demonstrate similar results as the AFV situation described above.

So, for those of you who have been utilizing these technologies over the years should realize, you are the ones who are cleaning up the planet ... one piece at a time.  I have never had confidence that our planetary clean up would be as a result of the efforts of the governments, or banks, or court systems.  That has proven to be just not the case.  The real clean up of the planet will not occur from the top down but has come from the grass roots from people being people instead of imitating a fraudulent fictional system.

Regardless whether the leaders of the world's government are pressured for disclosure by the efforts of the Exo-Politics movement, the people at the grass roots level are squared away and ready to welcome an exchange with our cousins from other planets, and galaxies, and heck, even from the whole universe.  Our message to our space friends and family, to the ETs, Ascended Masters and other inter-dimensional beings is COME ON DOWN.  We have cleared a spot for you right here on planet earth, and you are welcome anytime that you choose.  We have a redeemed cadre who are ready for what you can bring us.  Thank you for even considering us worthy of your attention.

Winston Shrout