February 24, 2015: Coming Soon - Exo-Commerce: Setting the Stage, Live Webinar with Special Guest Rob Potter

We are very pleased to announce the latest exciting installment of Winston's Exo-Commerce webinar series:  Exo-Commerce: Setting the Stage.

In just a few short weeks, Winston will be hosting this important live event, and is honored to welcome special guest Robert Potter, Contactee and Founder of ThePromiseRevealed.com. To learn more about Rob, please see his Bio.

As his mission through Solutions in Commerce, Winston has worked tirelessly to enlighten the masses to the bigger picture behind our day-to-day commercial dealings. He is now delving further into the aspects of our planet's role in the extra-terrestrial universe, and the global shift in our collective awareness.
During this important event, Winston will focus on the awareness shift, and will interview Rob on matters such as Disclosure and the ongoing Interplanetary Cultural Exchange process. They will also be taking audience questions, and Rob is open to discuss his work with Cobra, The Event, The Prepare for Change Mission, and his personal experiences with spiritual awareness.

Here is an exclusive preview of what's in store, directly from Winston:
"In our upcoming webinar, the intention is not to go over the time-worn stories of UFOs and ETs, but to go into an analysis of what is actually happening here on Planet Earth...what is causing the changes and "setting the stage" as our planet and the people on it move into higher levels of awareness and change.   

Many people who are active in correcting such mundane things as legal matters, i.e., fighting mortgage foreclosures, working in public policy, banking, the money issues, etc., do not realize the impact that their efforts, and the energy infused with them, are making.

Most do not realize that the emotion of 'fear' simply feeds the negative ET energy. Without 'fear', the negative influence would simply starve to death.

But when people stand up in battle against the dark forces without emoting fear, and go into learning how to correct the problems, they move forward in that battle and feed the 'Light Forces' with positive energy...which is then utilized in the defeat of the cabals and dark entities.

The goal of Solutions in Commerce has been to give people the ammunition in this battle which rages all around us. As we have ramped up our efforts in these respects by producing positive energy without giving in to fear and intimidation, we have turned the corner. We are over the top now, and better able to accept the assistance of the positive Light Forces. In other words, we do our job and they do their job...and we meet somewhere in the middle.

With all of this being said, our intention in this upcoming webinar is to review what we Earthlings are doing, what our ET cousins have been doing, and what impact both sides will have on the final result.

See you there - WS"

This unique event is not one to be missed...we hope you will join us!






January 20, 2014: Exo-Commerce: Origins and Return...Winston's Premiere Exo-Commerce Webinar

We are very much looking forward to Winston's very first Exo-Commerce webinar happening this Saturday, January 25th from 9am to 12:30pm.

Be there as Winston uncovers the mysteries and conspiracies that have been hidden throughout time as we know it.  Find out why the answers to these mysteries may set the tone for how the world of commerce evolves in the not so distant future, and what that could mean for you.  Don't miss this unprecedented event!   


Last weekend, Winston made a guest appearance on Eben Rey's Project Next Radio (KPFK Los Angeles) to talk about his journey into Exo-Commerce, and to offer a preview of what he'll reveal next weekend.  To hear the interview for yourself, follow the YouTube link below. We hope you will join us on Saturday!

January 8, 2014: Exo-Commerce Research - Articles to Increase Your Awareness

For those of you out there who want to expand your knowledge of the fascinating UFO/ET phenomenon, here are a few good articles recommended to get you started: 


"One of the most famous and most talked about UFO stories is the Roswell, New Mexico crash in 1947.  There is a lot of information available about that subject, but this article reports to be the communications between the pilot who survived the crash and the Army nurse who apparently had telepathic communications with that survivor.  Questions arise on both side of the coin:  (1) was the pilot actually giving accurate and truthful information to her 'captors', and (2) was the nurse actually able to translate into usable English what was being conveyed telepathically?  About the only thing that I can verify was that these events described in this book actually happened as I have spoken to a man who was actually present when these events transpired.  He told me that he couldn't verify as true what was said/transferred to the nurse, but only that it really happened.  WS"

 Alien Interview by Matilda O'Donnell MacElroy 


"This article is rather lengthy and at points a bit tedious, but still a good read.  The lady who produced this, Amorah Quan Yin, has recently passed away but her website is still active (just do a search for her name).  But this Pleiadian Perspective is very interesting in that it gives a history of the colonization of our solar system by people from the Pleiades star system.  One must also note that this is not the only colonization attempt on planet Earth, as there appears to be colonies from a variety of star systems in the universe here as well.  But eventually as the story unfolds the subjects of fairies, mermaids, and porpoises enter the story as they were to assist mankind in those early times.  Hmmm...very interesting!  You probably won't be able to read the whole thing at one sitting, but I guarantee that you will want to get to the final pages.  Enjoy.  WS"

Pleiadian Perspectives on Human Evolution by Amorah Quan Yin


The world is changing and the new people who are coming here are 'different' than the previous generations. As a parent myself, I have noticed that some of my children are totally different than what I remember being as a child. Well...they are different. They are what are referred to at times as Indigo Children, and sometimes as Crystal Children. And they have a 'new' perspective on life here on planet Earth. In this most interesting book, the author (who has more academic credentials than I can pronounce) opens up the subject of what he calls "Star Kids". And then he goes on to give an analysis of the subject from a professional point of view. This man does not wear a tin foil hat and broadcast on the internet from some remote mountain top in Montana. He has bona fide academic credentials and years of clinical work to back up his theses. Maybe a close reading of this book will give you some idea of just why little Johnny and Mary are the way they are (but they still have to take their turn washing the dishes). WS"

Star Kids: The Emerging Cosmic Generation by Richard J. Boylan, Ph.D.


September 30, 2013: An Introduction to Exo-Politics

For those who have not been exposed to Exo-Politics, here is an interesting article that explains some things, but also opens up subjects which relate to this UFO/ET phenomenon.  Perhaps this article might give some impetus for further research into this intriguing subject.  

While, I, Winston, can't verify all that is included in this article, I think that it can be a start who those who have never been exposed to this, and perhaps a further insight for those who have already been investigating some of these subjects.  Enjoy.  WS"

Secret Space War V: Exopolitics By Preston James, Ph.D.